Truck driver did not force bus on to pavement

A photograph from the cab of the truck

A photograph from the cab of the truck

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In an article on page two of last week’s Mid Sussex Times we reproduced a photograph and comment which had been published on Twitter about a road traffic incident in which an eye-witness suggested a truck had taken ‘a shortcut which could have put lives at risk’.

The company which owns the truck has provided us with additional photographs, including the one published above, and asked us to make clear that their driver was not responsible for the situation they found themselves in and that their vehicle was entitled to use that section of the highway and was not taking a shortcut.

It was not the intention of the Mid Sussex Times to in any way imply that the truck - or indeed any other vehicle featured in the photograph - was in any way at fault and we very much regret it if any such impression was inadvertently given.