Two UFOs spotted in Haywards Heath

TWO UFO sightings were reported in the Haywards Heath area at the weekend.

Witness Alison King said she spotted a circular object at 11.20pm on Sunday between the town and Cuckfield.

She said: "I saw a large, very bright circular white light low in the sky – at first it was high enough and I originally assumed it was a planet but it was much too large.

"Other than the light there were no visible parts of an object ... but the light was so bright.

"It went lower than the tree line and we lost sight of it and tried to follow it in the car but couldn't pick it up again.

"It may have landed in the fields between the A272 and Tylers Green. A bus slowed down in front of us so must have seen it too and slowed to watch it. I hope they come forward too."

The sighting at 11.20pm was posted on the website UK UFO sightings.

On the previous evening at 10.25pm, Chris Turner reported seeing a disc-shaped object in nearby Lindfield.

He said: "I first spotted in a vertical position in the sky, a bright orange disk shape very large in comparison to the international space station which I often watch."

He said it was travelling about a quarter of the speed that the space station travels across the horizon, in a general WNW direction.

Mr Turner went to get a friend to witness it and said they saw it pass between two houses above Lindfield High Street as they watched.

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