VIDEO: Fears of massive new housing estate on edge of Haywards Heath and Lindfield

Residents have warned of a massive housing development the size of another Bolnore village if builders get approval for an opening salvo of 48 new homes to the north of Haywards Heath and Lindfield.

A plan has been received by the district council for the homes and new roads on a 10-hectare site known locally as Birchen Fields, off Portsmouth Lane.

Resident Miles Mayall said the housing bid would open the way for a huge swathe of additional homes between Haywards Heath and Lindfield on the same scale as Bolnore village that would take in adjoining fields, some owned by Haywards Heath Golf Course, and stretch towards Ardingly.

He said: “It’s what’s called an enabling development and you can tell that because it has roads marked out that go to the edges of the site and then to nowhere else after that.

“Everywhere to the north of Haywards Heath developers and land owners are fencing off fields previously accessible to walkers and preparing applications for building.

“All these depend on whether Crest Nicholson’s application is approved. The failure of the MSDC plan and the resulting disorder in the planning system has provided a window of opportunity for speculative developers to force this unwanted development on local residents.”

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