Video: New information about the Bolney torso

Police have revealed new descriptions of an unidentified man who was murdered and dumped in Mid Sussex 18 years ago.

At a press conference at Haywards Heath Police station this afternoon police said forensic tests on a headless corpse, discovered by a member of the public in Bolney in October 1991, had proved successful.

The victim is now described as being in his mid to late 30's, fairly active and well nourished.

However, police believe it could take at least two months of further testing before they can identify the torso.

They hope recently developed scientific techniques will show where in the world the man was brought up and spent most of his life.

Police investigations in 1991 were unable to identify the man and trace his killer.

DCI Andy Griffiths, leading the operation, said: "What we have asked the scientists to do is to examine one of the main bones from the body in order to give us some sort of geographical fix as to where this person spent a considerable part of their time.

"In theory that can be done but the practicalities depend on a number of things including the condition of the bone and contamination from the soil where it has been buried.

"So I can't say we are going to get a result but we really believe identifying this man will be a major step forward."

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