Day-long triathlon at Dolphin Leisure Centre raises hundreds for hospice

Sophie Mitchell, Age 11, completed 1.5 miles in 15 minutes towards the total SUS-140703-144542001
Sophie Mitchell, Age 11, completed 1.5 miles in 15 minutes towards the total SUS-140703-144542001

Visitors to the Dolphin Leisure Centre came in for a surprise on Thursday 20th February during the busy half-term week.

Dolphin Centre staff set up a mini gym for a day-long triathlon to raise money for St Peter & St James Hospice and invited the public to help them complete the distance from Haywards Heath to Paris, some 234 miles as the crow flies, in a competitively timed challenge.

Members of the public, including 11 year old Sophie Mitchell and Dolphin staff took part in the triathlon by running, cycling or rowing in fifteen minute stints to help cover the 234 mile distance. The participants’ enthusiasm and commitment meant that not only was the challenge completed, but the distance was covered well ahead of schedule.

Andy Jones, Dolphin Centre Manager said: “We thought we set the bar high and were delighted that not only did we get to our destination but that we got there early. We kicked off at 10 am and had arrived in Paris by 3.30pm.”

The Dolphin recently started supporting the hospice and the funds generated by the triathlon will help to buy physical therapy equipment for the hospice’s brand new Wellbeing Centre. Andy explained: “Supporting the physical therapy offered to people with life-limiting illnesses in the Wellbeing Centre is a natural connection with our commitment to health and fitness and we are very pleased to be able to show our support to the hospice in this way.”

The funds raised by the triathlon were boosted by the sale of cakes and cookies donated by hospice staff and volunteers and the sale of bracelets and rings made enterprising Year 6 girls from Lindfield Primary, which raised an additional £156.

Carolyn Robinson, Donor Relationship Manager at St Peter & St James Hospice said, “The triathlon was a great event and we’re really pleased that the Dolphin has been able to contribute to our work in a way that reflects their ethos of promoting fitness for all.”

Report and picture contributed by the St Peter & St James Hospice & Continuing Care Centre .