Voters at polls today in elections

VOTERS are at the polls today for two by-elections in Haywards Heath.

Candidates in Franklands ward of Mid Sussex District Council are Howard Burrell (UKIP); Rod Clarke (Conservative); Miranda Diboll (Green Party Stop Fracking Now); Anne-Marie Lucraft (Lib Dem); Greg Mountain (Labour).

Standing in Haywards Heath East Ward of West Sussex County Council are Paul Brown (Green Party Stop Fracking Now); Stephen Hillier (Conservative); Charles Burrell (UKIP); Richard Goddard (Labour); Anne Hall (Lib Dem).

The elections were called after the death of councillor John De Mierre, who held both the seats for the Conservatives. The request was made for Haywards Heath East by Mr Liam Codling and Ms Alice McNeill and for Haywards Heath Franklands by Mr Matthew Rawlinson and Ms Jessica Coggins.

Polls opened at 7am and close at 10pm.