What seem like miracles astound Hassocks garden centre staff

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A Mid Sussex nursery thinks it may be the new Lourdes after witnessing some strange happenings.

It seems a series of miracles are being performed at South Downs Nurseries in Hassocks.

“Something strange is happening in our coffee shop,” said Mark Hillyard. “More and more customers are leaving seemingly much healthier - cured of a variety of disabling conditions which afflicted them when they arrived.”

Karrin, who is catering manager at the family-run firm, takes-up the story: “It’s so strange. Since the beginning of this year, more than 20 walking sticks and several hearing aids have been handed in after customers have left the cafe.

“I have also had a wheelchair left behind. The person just got up and walked out without it!”

The healing is put down to new locally sourced organic ingredients used at the cafe.