What to do if you find a chip pan blaze

Firefighters were called to a chip pan fire in Haywards Heath.

The fire was in the kitchen of a property in Cattswood Lane on Wednesday, November 28, at 4.58pm.

The fire was out on arrival and advice was given to the residents.

A spokesperson for the Fire and Rescue Service’s community protection team said: “In the event of a chip pan fire, we urge people to follow these vital guidelines: you should only ever tackle a pan fire if it’s in its early stages and you are completely sure you can put it out and stay safe. NEVER throw water on a pan fire.

“The best advice is: Get out. Stay out. And call 999 for the Fire Service, ensure you have a working smoke alarm and ensure you have an escape plan, so that you know what to do.”

Fire safety advice is available from 01243 752451 or www.wsfb.co.uk