World Cup fever encourages rise in adultery according to website

Ryan Andrews is The Blues' new manager
Ryan Andrews is The Blues' new manager

Women are being driven to adultery in Mid Sussex as their partners are too absorbed by World Cup fever, according to a UK marital affairs website.

From May 15 to June 2, in the build up to the World Cup, saw an 84% increase in women from Mid Sussex joining up in the compared to the same time frame last year.

Victoria Milan confirmed they had a 73% increase across the country in the same time frames.

Mike Taylor from Illicit Encounters said: “We are obviously expecting this trend to continue as the World Cup gets into full swing.

“There is a large number of women who are feeling neglected due to world cup fever being their partner’s number one priority. Some of the new members even mention the fact they had signed-up just because they were sick and tired of coming second to football matches and decided to ‘play away’ themselves during the world cup.”

Between May 15 and June 2 this year the extramarital dating site has had 34 females joining in comparison to 21 the year before.

This figure is backed up by a national increase of 200% in female activity around the recent friendly match between England and Peru.

“Some new females have actually been surprisingly explicit about what lead them to join the site, citing instances when they were neglected while their partner spent hours at the pub, or those who were completely ignored at home, apart from the occasional request for beer and snacks,” Mr Taylor added.

In a survey of 8,000 people, Victoria Milan found that one third of men say they would rather have an secret affair than watch the World Cup, 85% will turn to their mistress for cheering up if their team loses and only one quarter of men will celebrate with their partner when their team wins.

CEO and Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the World Cup incites passion, excitement and raw emotion in people, much like cheating on a partner.

“The emotional attachment men feel for their team and nation can lead to heartbreak during a loss, and they’ll be chasing that first high and feeling of excitement and satisfaction they experienced watching previous matches,” he added.

A further survey by Johnston Paint, sponsors of the Football League Trophy, found that 36 per cent of people would be late for their own wedding to see England’s football stars play in the final of a major international tournament, and more than 15 per cent would miss the birth of their own child.