You provide the tipple, they’ll provide the glamour


Walking through concealed doors into a highly exclusive underground bar in the 1920s, being shown to your table and being waited on by your own personal bar man who will make you any cocktail you desire.

This might sound like something out of a period Hollywood movie but it is all within reach at B.Y.O.C hidden at the back of a seemingly derelict unit in Brighton’s lanes.



There is no drinks menu, no hoards of punters waiting at the bar, no searching for a table and definitely no lack of drinks in this glamorous venue.

There is also no alcohol on sale.

The bar invites guests to bring their favourite tipple to be turned into any tasty cocktail they fancy, hence the name ‘bring your own cocktail’.

Drinks are prepared and served by professional mixologists from an antique drinking trolley containing an encyclopedic selection of accompaniments: fresh syrups, pressed fruit and vegetable juices, spices, herbs, salts, seasonal fruits, home-made cordials and bitters.

This gives you plenty of time to take in the chic and traditional decor of the bar which has been built within Brighton’s underground arches.

The exposed brick walls, red velvet carpets and curtains and oak furniture are warmly lit by candles, providing a romantic atmosphere, perfect for any couple looking for an evening of sophistication.

But the attentive on-call bar men also make for a great party for any group on a stylish night out.

To continue the vintage theme, the ground floor of the bar provides an old fashioned cinema room set within an old bank volt, which shows black and white silent movies.

The whole experience makes guests feel like they are encapsulated in one of the movies themselves.

There are only two B.Y.O.C bars, with the other in Covent Garden, but anyone can get themselves a ticket into the Brighton venue for just £20 per person. Make sure to book first by calling: 01273 823 383.