LETTER: A waste of money

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Your letters

Why on earth are the metal barriers being taken down all over Haywards Heath?

Once again a waster of tax payers’ money and the fact they are there to protect us, the public, from road users. If they think that this will make Haywards Heath more attractive to bring in shoppers then they are delusional. Cars will start to park on the pavement and someone will get hurt. I would like to know how much this is costing us. The rates are too high that is why there are no shops or shops that are just not needed. What is not needed in Haywards Heath are restaurants, coffee shops and charity shops. What is needed is affordable shops and Waitrose is not one of them. When they start spending our money perhaps they should fill a few pot holes or put traffic lights in Oathall Road where that silly roundabout has been put so if you are coming out of Oathall Avenue you cannot see the traffic from your right. There have been accidents there. Never mind people’s safety, it’s no concern to them you just keep spending our money on flowers, benches and plaques. Have they never heard the saying you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?

S M Barry

America Lane,Haywards Heath