LETTER: How can they justify removals?

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Re: Views on Removal of Safety Railings in Haywards Heath.

It is difficult to believe that our town and county council can justify the removal of any railings in any area where both vehicles and pedestrians are at risk from each other.

There seems to be a growing fashion for the removal of safety railings in different parts of the country. It is regrettable.

The last century has seen a huge increase in vehicular traffic, shoppers, and “free range children.”

Our elected representatives have, in the same period of time, considered assorted policies on road safety, health and safety, education, town and country planning et al, and with appropriate regard, spent “our money” on the installation of barriers and railings at certain key points.

Now they have decided to use “our money” to remove them.

It would be interesting to know in which decade these railings were installed and the reasoning behind the decision. Our elected representatives would have thought long and hard on these decisions - they had no more money to spend frivolously than is available now. There must be records which can demonstrate how effective they have proved to be. I’d also be fascinated to discover the cost of their removal and of course, at this time, their scrap value. Within a decade, it’s likely that “our money” will fund the fitting of concrete bollards at strategic points and sleeping policemen along South, Church and Heath Roads. To add to the foolhardiness of this decision, pedestrians will be suing the council as the metal stumps that are left following the removal of the railings will become a trip hazard.

Please think long and hard before money is spent undoing the work of our predecessors. Spend the money on education, care of our elderly, or perhaps dealing with the potholes.

Elizabeth Antrobus

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