LETTER: New campaign launched

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Your letters

GACC has launched a ‘Gatwick’s Big Enough’ campaign against a second runway – which would make Gatwick twice its present size and as large as Heathrow.

GACC is not novice at fighting against a new runway: they have succeeded twice before and are confident they can do so again.

Thousands of car stickers have been posted to members with the striking ‘Gatwick’s Big Enough’ logo (attached).

A Fact File summarising facts about what a new runway would do to the area has been posted to all councillors of seven County, Borough and District councils (copy sent under separate email to you).

GACC volunteers have been giving out leaflets and recruiting members outside the runway exhibitions, so far held in Crawley, Rusper, Ifield, Lingfield and Felbridge (photo attached of GACC volunteer Lucy Donovan at the Smallfield Gatwick Airport New Runway Consultation).

Q ‘Many people are confused by the airport response form which has 278 boxes which you can tick - but only one well-hidden little box labelled ‘None of these options’ if you wish to say No to a new runway’ according to Peter Barclay, GACC vice chairman.

Q ‘It is our impression that many people go in with an open mind but come out alarmed at the scale of what is proposed.’ said John Byng, GACC joint vice chairman.

Q ‘My impression was that the overwhelming majority {in Crawley} were against a new runway’ said Peter Jordan, a GACC volunteer from Ifield.

Q ‘At Lingfield many were irritated by the lack of information on flight paths.’ according to Tony Brookes, another GACC volunteer.

Q ‘Some people are very concerned at lack of relocation and compensation being offered by the airport, they can’t seem to get any answers from the Gatwick staff,’ said Sally Pavey of GACC and CAGNE.

People appreciate that we are volunteers giving up our own time compared to the well-paid professionals working for the airport. The exhibitions are having one good result , we have had a lot of new people signing up as members.

A number of local action groups, from Tunbridge Wells to Horsham, have been formed opposing a new runway - all working with GACC. For instance, in Crawley the all-Party ‘One’s Enough’ group has been re-started: it had great success in 2003 in persuading Crawley Council to switch from a position of support for a new runway to one of unanimous opposition.

Brendon Sewill,

Chairman of GACC