LETTER: Support Cuadrilla applications

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Your letters

I read with interest that Cuadrilla will not be fracking for Oil at Lower Stumble,Balcombe now or in the future.

They have found the rock to be fractured enough without the need for fracking. Good news I thought!

The FFBRA (Frack Free Balcombe Residents Association) will now stop their protests,marching along B2036,blocking the road stoping normal people getting about,going to work,school etc. No it seems I was wrong!

The FFBRA quickly announced they are against CONVENTIONAL drilling now as well, along with any possible fracking.

It seems these members of FFBRA have no use for petrol/diesel/gas/cars/heating/trains/planes etc.

FFBRA numbers about 250 members from a Balcombe population of approximately 1750 residents.

Let Cuadrilla do what they get permission to do, just like Concoco did in 1986 without protest.

We all need oil/gas and it just happens there seems to be oil under Balcombe.

FFBRA suggest all residents vote in the new Balcombe Parish Council ballot to “Oppose the Cuadrilla applications made to West Sussex County Council planning department!”

Well I suggest that all Balcombe residents “SUPPORT Cuadrillas applications!”

Future generations will need fuel/energy as we all do now,if we can use some of the oil/gas under Balcombe & UK so much the better.

In the future plentiful renewable energy supplies will be discovered and implemented,until then let Balcombe village unite without protest and get back to some form of normality which used to be here,but seems to have been lost with the division created by the anti fracking/conventional drilling people who want the fuel etc, but dont want oil being sourced in their backyards, albeit the Cuadrilla site is mostly well away from the majority of Balcombe residents dwellings!.

Malcolm Thomason