Memory Lane - more names revealed

Memory Lane
Memory Lane

RE: The Mid Sussex Times, October 18, 2012, Memory Lane, Page 30.

I was interested to see the photo of the St Wilfred’s School Cricket Team sent in by Mrs Joan Owen in last week’s edition of The Middy.

However, I have one of the original photos listing the competition, and names of all persons in the photo. I am enclosing a photocopy of my photo, and hope that this will be of interest to Mrs Owen and many readers of The Middy.

My father, Leslie Howard, is seated on the right of the picture. He was 14 when this was taken; I doubt whether any of these boys were over 14, as this was the age they left school in those days!

The captain, Alf Tuppin, went on to play for Sussex as a successful bowler, but his career was cut short due to the outbreak of war in 1939.

I hope this information will be of interest.

Dennis Howard,

Collington Lane East,

Bexhill on Sea