Parking - A plea for more thought

I am writing to ask car drivers to be more considerate to people with disabilities when they park in Burgess Hill.

It can be extremely difficult to get around Burgess Hill if you have a disability. This is not because of the disability – despite being profoundly deaf and having other disabilities I am able to get out and about on my mobility scooter. What stops me is inconsiderate parking.

Often when I go to the supermarket my carer is unable to park in a disabled bay because other cars with no blue disabled badge displayed are parked in them. Other times people are forced to walk in the road because a lorry or car has blocked the pavement. As I cannot get down a kerb with a mobility scooter this can block my way completely.

Whilst people with disabilities struggle to overcome the problems created by this inconsiderate car parking the car drivers themselves do not seem to get fined or moved on.

Please can drivers think before they obstruct a pavement or park illegally in a disabled bay and please can the authorities act to stop inconsiderate and illegal parking.

Ron Little,

With the support of Harriet Wilson,

self advocacy supporter