Photograph memories

RE: Haywards Heath Post Office photo October 22, 1944. You asked if anybody had any memories around the pictures you featured last week, page 30.

The gentleman second row down on the far right was my uncle, John Dixon. I have inherited from my father one of the original photographs of this occasion.

The Dixon family lived in Franklands Village having moved from Pegswood, Northumberland, in the early 1930s. John was the youngest of seven children. He attended Oathall School (Scrase Bridge), took a job as telegram boy boy at Haywards Heath Post Office and gradually progressed in the office. He did his national service and stayed in the Army serving in places such as Germany, Egypt, Aden and Cyprus.

He reached the rank of Captain, however, before promotion to Major he was invalided out of the Army.

Upon his discharge he returned to The Post Office, this time to the “Ernie” department of the National Giro Unit in Lytham St Annes, where he worked until his death some years ago. He was married to Daphne but they did not have any children.

I remember him as a lovely kind uncle who never forgot his family and friends. On one occasion he bought my cousin and myself large cuddly teddy bears from Germany. The box mine came in was as big as me! This was in the early 1950s and toys were a luxury.

He reminded me of the late David Niven. A perfect gentleman who bore no grudges.

The re-print of your picture would have amused him. Sadly I do not remember any of his tales of life at Haywards Heath Post Office, but I expect there were a few.

Eileen Jacques,

Great Heathmead,

Haywards Heath