Taxis - ‘This is blatantly not the case’

Thank you for your article in the Mid Sussex times.

However I was very disappointed as I thought that the role of the local press was to inform.

Yet again you allowed Solum to repeat their statement that the amount of taxis was sufficient. This is blatantly not the case. As the town has grown, supply and demand has seen the numbers grow accordingly, from twenty-plus twenty years ago, to the present thirty-five. Without allowing us to set the matter right.

You did not mention the five hundred houses being built or due to be. Are all these people going to work locally? (See Council website. ‘Sustainable because of the excellent transport hub’).

You did not mention the fact that the commuter car parks are being relegated to the rear of the car park. (Nice on a cold winter’s day).

You did not mention London trains taking, anything from forty to sixty taxis an hour of the ranks.

You did not mention the huge queues of taxi passengers that will cause.

You did not mention the greatly-reduced pick-up and drop-off areas in the new plans.

You did not mention the fact that a lot of women travel on their own from London expecting to find taxis readily available on arrival at Haywards Heath.

You did not mention the fact that there is going to be one entrance and exit for both rail parking and the supermarket.

You did not mention the increase in traffic that a lack of taxis would cause. (If taxi customers have to use their cars).

Haywards Heath has attracted people because of its transport links. (According to the council web site). And if it wants to continue to prosper it needs to at least maintain them at the present level.

This plan in its present form does the opposite.

Why can’t the supper market be at the back of the car park? Perhaps a multi-storey car park feeding under or over the railway to the existing one-way system.

I don’t think that either of your articles gave full coverage of the situation which is a pity as I am sure that is what people expect and deserve from the local press.

This is not only my view. I represent the one hundred and five taxis that have permits to work off Haywards Heath station. And also provide a voice for the ever-increasing numbers of commuters who were not aware of the situation and are becoming increasingly worried. These people need to contact their local councillor or the planning department of Haywards Heath council before it is to late.

John Churcher,

St Wilfrids’ Road,

Burgess Hill