Thanks - Support of friends

I would like to use the Middy columns to express a belated appreciation for all the help and support shown me over the past months, by neighbours and friends.

I had fallen in my garden damaging my spine and affecting my mobility and was eventually admitted to hospital, the ethos being discharge asap and compassion lightly spread. There followed transfer to Kleinworts; a haven for which I thank God (and Matron), the latter clearly getting it right. Here too the emphasis is on discharge, but delivered with buckets of TLC. The night care staff were especially appreciated, readily providing a ‘hottie’ to relieve an aching back and a cup of tea at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Prior to my admission to care, my shopping was collected, mini meals and home made soup provided by kindly friends and neighbours, some of whose children brightened my day when they visited. Many of these good people found time to visit me while I was away; my house being looked after by my neighbour next door who collected my post and brought it to me.

I am making a slow recovery; being taken out and about occasionally by a close friend. A neighbour is willing to help with hospital appointments when she can. Not wishing to miss the talk being given shortly by Joe Hughes at the Local History Group on the History of St Francis Hospital (where he and I both worked for many years), I have been offered a lift so I won’t miss it. (Every little helps).

My thanks to the good people living in my road here in Lindfield and to my friends in Scaynes Hill, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill whose continued contact makes my day. My thanks to you at the Middy for allowing me use your columns.

Kath Martin

(Address supplied)