Haywards Heath youth stars alongside James Bolam in Grandpa in My pocket

A ten-year-old from Haywards Heath hopes he’s on his path to fame and glory as he stars in a children’s programme on the BBC.

Harvey Thorn, who lives with his parents and three siblings, plays a character called Josh in series four and five of Grandpa in My Pocket.

Young actor Harvey Thorn. Pic Steve Robards

Young actor Harvey Thorn. Pic Steve Robards

It stars veteran actor James Bolam, known for his television roles in The Likely Lads and more recently New Tricks, as well as his wife Sue Jameson, both of whom also live in West Sussex.

Harvey spent nine weeks in Cardiff last summer filming for nine hours a day and now the show is airing weekdays at 5.25pm on CBeebies.

“The first time it came on me and my dad were very excited,” said Harvey.

“It’s absolutely crazy because it’s just 12 minutes, but that’s a whole day’s filming.”

The young actor, who does acting and dance classes outside of school, said seeing himself on television for the first time was a surreal experience.

“It is really weird,” said Harvey. “I thought is that really me? Is this really happening?”

And if Harvey had got his way in the first place, it wouldn’t really be happening.

When he auditioned last year he tried to fluff it because he did not want to miss out on a family holiday to Spain.

His mother Dianne, 44 and a curtain-maker, said he ‘nearly threw the opportunity away’.

She said: “He tried to sabotage his second audition by fluffing lines of a nursery rhyme as he didn’t want the part because it would mean he’d miss out on the family holiday.

“But they chose him in spite of his attempts.”

Harvey admitted that when he first heard he had got the part he was a very upset.

He said: “I don’t want to sound like a cry baby but I did cry because I just felt nine weeks in Cardiff for nine hours a day working time – this is a big commitment – whoa!

“So I had a little tantrum, but my mum calmed me down, and my mum said it is really good for my career.”

Looking back now Harvey is pleased his mum talked him round, and his friends at school are very impressed.

He even has a small fan base from the younger children who watch CBeebies after school.

Harvey is continuing to audition for parts, and he hopes one day to play an action hero or a leading character in a Marvel Comics adaption such as Spiderman.

To hear more from Harvey, and find out what its like to work with James Bolam and Sue Jameson, watch our video.