Linfield Dramatic Club

Lindfield Dramatic Club’s exploration of different styles of comedy takes another turn next week with a production of Imaginary Lines, which was first produced and directed by Alan Ayckbourn at his Stephen Joseph Theatre, in Scarborough, in 1985.

Club chairman Rex Cooper explains: “It was written by Reggie Oliver, a playwright with an impressive literary background who has worked in radio, television, films and theatre, both in the West End and outside London. He was a founding member of the late Sir Anthony Quayle’s Compass Theatre and is also a highly-acclaimed writer of ghost stories.

“Imaginary Lines is a delightful English comedy where imagined conversations are often far more successful that the real thing. Wanda takes things very seriously, most especially herself, but is also a matchmaker, idealist and dreamer. The two men in her life are driven to distraction by her and her friends are constantly frustrated as she moves between reality and her imagination of how she would like life to be.

“The imaginary lines are the things we wish we could say, or had said, usually to the opposite sex. In the play there are asides in the dialogue which provide amusing counterpoints to what the characters are really saying to each other.

“This witty, literate romantic comedy will delight and amuse and can be seen at the King Edward Hall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 1, 2 and 3. Tickets are available, from the Happy Feet shoe shop in Denman’s Lane, Lindfield.”