Would you believe it?

ents wc october 15
ents wc october 15

The 1960’s iconic musical, Sweet Charity, is swinging all the way to the Clair Hall in Haywards Heath this October. HHOS cast members are feeling the “tingling in their fingers and the tingling in their toes” and wishing “their friends could see them now”.

Sweet Charity is wonderfully warm and humorous and tells the story of the many romantic near misses experienced by Charity Hope Valentine.

A dance hall hostess in the downmarket Fandango Ballroom, Charity is desperate to find love and thus be able to escape from her surroundings.

She sings of the fellas she’s met and how they have sadly taken advantage of her.

She gives her money away willingly to the poor but is easily wooed by fame and fortune and spends a delightful evening in the company of a big film star. Her fellow dancers at the Fandango Ballroom mock her hopes. Hardened by life they take a perverse pride in what they do.

Their superb number “Big Spender” is wonderful, dripping with seediness but laced with steel. You really wouldn’t want to mess with these girls!

Charity’s opportunity for escape comes in an unlikely form and the second act is propelled into life with a visit to the Rhythm of Life church.

This is a top loading, toe tapping, psychedelic song and dance number and hugely fun. Sammy Davis Jnr made this song his own after his appearance in the 1969 film version.

Sweet Charity opened on Broadway in 1966 and was a showcase for the choreographic flair of Bob Fosse. His unique talent is epitomised in The Rich Man’s Frug, a highly stylised centrepiece dance. When the film was released, Shirley MacLaine starred in the title role.

So, if you want to “flip your wings, take a dive and hit the floor” then why not “fly, swim or crawl to Daddy” and book your tickets for the hottest show in town. The Fandango Ballroom and the Rhythm of Life church await your welcome presence.

For this production, HHOS are delighted to once again be working with Anne Mackenzie as Director, with Musical Director Michael Hinton and Choreographer Hannah Gardner working alongside her.

The show is on from 23rd to 27th October nightly from 7.30pm with a matinee on the 27th at 2.30pm. Tickets can be purchased online by going to www.HHOS.co.uk or by calling the box office on 01444 848004.