"My art is a calm peaceful place"

Emma Adams promises positive reflection with her exhibition at Chichester’s Oxmarket Gallery from August 16-29.

Monday, 23rd August 2021, 7:05 am
Emma Adams Art
Emma Adams Art

Chichester-based Emma said: “I do like to reflect on the positive simple things, such as a sunny day, blue skies, flowers, local walks. All my flowers, grasses and leaves are fanciful – imaginary. The colours, tones, shapes, lines, dots, blooms and buds are all in my mind, then carefully planned, sketched and laid to canvas with acrylic mediums.

“Painting these landscapes makes me feel happy, bright, awake and enjoying the beautiful world we have. I am aware our world can be ugly and brutal so maybe this is my means of escape, if only for a moment, into a more tranquil place. My paintings make the viewer smile, feel happy and joyful, as I have been told many times. My art is a calm peaceful place, and by painting what I love it makes my art honest to me as I layer on the paint.

“The magic of my paintings. Yes, there is a little magic! Some of my work takes around a month to complete, with drawings, colour plans and layers and layers of acrylic paint, gel and ink.

“Some is dry brushed on, some poured and pollen dots carefully sprinkled. I use shimmer, shine and even glitter in the paint. So when you stand and look at my work, do make sure you move around the painting as the sunlight or room lights reflect here and there and many colours really shine and reflect in the light. My paintings look different from various angles.

“My motivation to paint is my need for me time. Painting completely envelopes me. It can pass hours without my noticing the time. It gives me the head space to be creative and free too, as what I paint is made up. It is any flower that the viewer sees or wishes it to be. Working also as a wedding photographer, this work is scheduled, technical, pressured, but, of course also filled with happiness, love and flowers!”