Cuckfield Book Festival and Christmas Cabaret cancelled

Cuckfield Book Festival has been shelved amid the lockdown.

Monday, 9th November 2020, 7:00 am
Cuckfield Book Festival
Cuckfield Book Festival

Spokeswoman Sheila Mortimer said: “Cuckfield Book Festival began three years ago and has grown steadily since then. Last year 1,800 people came. There were 22 events with four for children. In January we had plans for a similar packed programme.

“But the arrival of Covid-19 changed all that and for so many people these past few months have been a time of huge anxiety and fear and we appreciate that to some, having a book festival is perhaps a low priority.

“But for others, we hope that the thought of a weekend of stimulating and live events is much needed to cheer us on our way and help us to get through these gloomy days.

“However, the latest lockdown announcement from the government has finally put paid to any thoughts of offering the festival as a live event. Much thought and effort is being put into having the festival online so please keep checking the website to see what’s happening.

“Authors featured include Alan Judd, Kate Mosse, Iain Dale, and Damian Barr. Julian Worricker and Peter Guttridge will be moderating. The last event will be magical poetry readings by two actors from Allie Esiri’s curated collection, A Poem for Every Winter Day.”

Another cancellation comes from Cuckfield Dramatic Society.

A spokesman said: “We regret to announce that it will not be possible for us to stage this year’s Christmas Cabaret. Various options for producing a cut-down version of the show were being considered by the committee up until the latest government lockdown announcement.

“We have also decided to cancel the 2021 February Frolics, meaning that our next scheduled production at The Queen’s Hall will be Proscenophobia in spring 2021 – one year after its original scheduled opening. We sincerely hope to see you then! Many thanks from all at CDS for your continued support.”