Clever, memorable tunes

Formed from the ashes of Tin Kitchen, Football, Etc are on the road and heading for The Albert, Brighton on January 7.

Thursday, 5th January 2012, 12:25 pm

Guitarist/vocalist Lindsay Minton and bassist Mercy Harper moved to Houston and created the new band with drummer Brandon Baker.

A spokesman said: “They self-released the First Down EP in 2009 which garnered attention from emo revivalists everywhere. In 2010, former Austin shoegazer James Vehslage took over the drumming responsibilities in time to go on tour and record the band’s first full-length effort, The Draft, which was released in the UK on December 12.

“Built from the same sounds as many critically acclaimed acts on Polyvinyl Records, Football, Etc are known for writing clever, memorable tunes and will fit nicely into the mid90s sound revival that is happening right now.”