Creativity is the great stress-buster, says Worthing artist

Beat stress and get creative is the promise as Worthing artist Jo Wood launches a new exhibition. Jo is showing his work in Worthing Library in Richmond Road in a show running until March 31 '“ the perfect way of coping with the stresses of modern-day living, he argues.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 6:06 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:13 am
Jo Wood
Jo Wood

“In today’s world, the issue of stress is becoming an increasingly-significant problem. It is a fact that nowadays we have become overly dependent on technology in our daily lives. This dependence is a major contributor to stress.”

“If not dealt with over a long period of time, stress can build up and have a deleterious effect both on the mind and the body.”

“It is imperative therefore that a method to deal with stress is found.

Jo, from Worthing, took up painting three years ago ,with a view to combating stress.

He says he found that painting not only deals with stress but also delivers other benefits including improving mental focus, confidence and self-esteem too.

Now Jo is in the position of presenting his own art exhibition.

On display are selections of his paintings , poetry and photography.

Jo suggests to anyone encountering stress to seriously consider joining an art or other creative group and see what you can do.

“You never know, you might unleash your own creative genius!”

“Stress happens when the mind and body are out of balance and our nervous systems cannot cope. The good news is that we can bring back a healthy balance and feel whole and complete again if an empowerment technique is used.

“Practising art is just one means that we can use to empower ourselves. Other methods could include meditation, practising sport, yoga or t’ai chi, for example. Of course you can’t do all of these things so the best thing to do is to pick and choose whatever appeals to you.”

Jo believes it is vital for everyone to explore their own creative potential.