DVD review: Dream House (3 out of 5 stars)

WATCH it right through, and instantly – without giving the game away – there will be certain other films which come to mind, films which do a similar thing much more successfully.

Thursday, 10th May 2012, 1:53 pm

Even so, Dream House – thanks to an excellent performance form Daniel Craig – remains a fascinating little dip into a world where psychological and supernatural run neck and neck.

After buying his dream house and moving in with his family, Craig soon start to sense that there’s something terribly wrong with the idyll he’s living.

Bizarrely, it seems no one at any stage in the purchase thought to tell him that grim multiple murder recently happened within his four new walls. Even worse, it seems that the suspect is still out there – a suspect who’s somehow managing to infiltrate his way into the new occupants’ lives.

It’s one of those films where it’s wise to take nothing for granted; even so, there are times when it is genuinely chilling before it delivers a denouement which will make you want to go right back to the start just to check that it makes sense.

It probably does, but the enduring memory will be Craig’s performance, wonderfully natural with his two young daughters and convincingly fraught and haunted when the dream house becomes a nightmare.

Just as interesting, however, if you look them up, are the behind-the-scenes rows which left the film’s stars apparently refusing to promote it.

Phil Hewitt

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