Grenfell meets Bjork withPan’s People spoof dance

A HOST of characters will fill the stage when Joanna Neary appears at Matt’s Comedy Club, Worthing’s family-friendly night-out, on Thursday, April 28.

Thursday, 21st April 2011, 5:17 pm

Expect a succession of loopy characters - a mix of Morwenna Banks meets Joyce Grenfell and Alan Bennett with a side helping of Bjork, plus a Pan’s People-esque dance spoof.

“I started off doing a Joyce Grenfell-style monologue when I was 25, and but recently I have gone more into doing a bit of stand-up - stand-up stuff introducing the characters and then doing them,” Jo explains.

One of Jo’s favourites is her Celia Johnson-inspired character, in the style of Brief Encounter: “What I loved about the film is how dramatic she is. I just loved her veering between being jolly and gay and all dramatic.

“People like it even if they don’t know that it is Celia Johnson. If they find it funny, people will be able to have their own take on it. 12-year-olds might not know the film but they can recognise the type.”

Another character Jo does is a dolphin - a dolphin commenting on humans in the way that humans comment on the animal kingdom.

You can also expect Jo’s take on Delia Smith: “It’s based on her book on how to cheat at cooking.

“I couldn’t believe that book. One of her ingredients is a maltloaf. I thought how on earth can that be one ingredient!

“I really like to base my characters on real people.

“I just wouldn’t be interested in trying to do a woman that works in a travel agents. I just don’t think that would be me.

“I do a character based on my mum. She knows about it and she loves it.

“I also do a character based on my gran. It’s a way of letting the audience get to know what I am like!”

It will all be delivered in a family-safe context: “I think the venue is for over-12s. I will be doing a lot of stuff that is suitable for all ages.

I do have some material that is slightly risque so I won’t be doing that. But it is really not that bad. Children have been in the audience when I have done it, and it has just gone slightly over their heads.”

Matt’s Comedy Club meets at the Dome Cinema Function Suite, Marine Parade, Worthing.

Tickets are £8 (£6 concessions) on 077200 40456 or 01903 218026.