Miranda writer Paul Kerensa in Worthing

Paul Kerensa admits he will probably be leaving it all to the last minute as he ponders his set for his latest visit to Matt's Comedy Club in Worthing (Connaught Studio, Thursday, March 29, 8pm).

Monday, 19th March 2018, 7:57 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:13 am

“You see something looming in your diary, and you start thinking ‘I had better define what I am going to be talking about!’ But really also it is that attitude that you want the audience to think that you are standing there, making it up as you go along, that the jokes are just pouring out of the top of your head and that it is all fresh for them… and so you leave it to the last minute, and maybe that is actually what is having to happen.

“The show I am doing at the moment is a retelling of the Bible via comic songs and silliness, and Matt’s Comedy Club came along and said ‘Great, do your show, but we don’t want anything religious.’ I thought ‘Ah! But this is actually all about the Bible!’ So I might actually have some fun trying to do the whole show without mentioning the Bible. That might be fun.

“I think there is always a certain element of living on your wits as a comedian. I wear so many different hats – I don’t mean literally. I do my stand-up, I write for sitcom and I do television, and I have just started doing some radio. And then you end up with eight different deadlines in the same week, and you realise, no, there is nothing like leaving things to the last minute to actually get you to do them!”

Paul has written for various sitcoms, including BBC1 hits Not Going Out and After You’ve Gone, the award-winning Miranda and sketch shows including Dead Ringers, ITV’s Headcases and BBC3’s The Wrong Door.

Inevitably Paul’s own stand-up will be rather different: “You have to adapt for the people that you are writing for. But the people I have ended up writing for, like Miranda and Lee Mack, are people that tend to have the same sense of humour as me anyway.

“But I do think you have to adapt and be flexible.”

And that’s why Paul describes his comedy as open to all. The family-friendly ethos of Matt’s Comedy Club in Worthing suits him perfectly.

“I have been doing stand-up for 16 years, and much as I still do pubs and clubs and stags and hens and all sorts of other animals, I have also always enjoyed churches and schools. For me, really it is all about being broad and open.”

He’s delighted to be back in Worthing: “It has been nice over the years to come back and revisit Matt’s Comedy Club. It has always been a nice one to do. There is a great set-up before you even walk on, and the team behind it, particularly Russ, have always been great at putting together a good show from an audience perspective.”

Support comes from the Jay Foreman, plus the best local acts, all hosted by resident Matt’s MC Russ Bravo. Thursday , March 29, 8pm, Connaught Studio. Tickets from Worthing Theatres.