Language GCSE success at Burgess Hill Girls

Burgess Hill Girls celebrate language GCSE results
Burgess Hill Girls celebrate language GCSE results

Burgess Hill Girls are celebrating another outstanding year of performance in language GCSEs.

With the vast majority of girls taking a GCSE language and many taking two, 80 per cent of language GCSEs this year were of the highest grades, 9 to 7.

Anna Bruell, who got a grade 9 for both French and German said: “Burgess Hill Girls encouraged my interest in the languages since I started at the school.

"Knowing the importance of languages in my future, I am very pleased to have achieved these strong GCSE results.”

While the take up of language GCSEs remains historically low across the country, Burgess Hill Girls enhances the outward focus and cultural exploration of its students by teaching four languages from Year 7.

Through this, the school continues to instil the importance of languages to secure the widest range of possible futures for its pupils.

Head of futures, Judith Edey said: “Burgess Hill Girls fully recognises the intellectual and creative benefits to be enjoyed when studying other languages.

"Some of the older girls are so fascinated by the challenges of other language systems that they enthusiastically and successfully enter Linguistic Olympiad competitions at both national and international level.

"We have had two British team representatives in the last five years.

"Beyond the very valuable immediate access to other cultures, skills in languages are widely regarded as becoming increasingly important to employers as recruitment of foreign native speakers becomes more difficult and new trade agreements and business opportunities with foreign companies of vital importance, to the success of the post Brexit economy.”