Bolney's Mellow Mumma - helping frazzled parents

Picture: Louise Ferguson
Picture: Louise Ferguson

Anyone who has been pregnant will know everyone you meet who has had a baby will share their birth story, be it positive or traumatic.

When Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira became pregnant in 2011 although she had always been confident she became quite anxious.
“I always had underlying anxiety and panic attacks so I knew with my first child that I needed to do something,” she explains.
“I had done hypnotherapy before and decided to find out more about hypnobirthing.
“Afterwards I just thought this is amazing and it changed my and my husband’s life.”

Picture: Louise Ferguson

Picture: Louise Ferguson

Although she admits that the birth wasn’t perfect, she wanted a home birth and had to go into hospital, the hypnobirthing helped keep her calm.

After doing a course she decided she wanted to teach her own schedule rather than someone else’s.
“I worked as an art teacher for 10 years, so I was used to teaching and wanted to do my own framework,” explains Georgie, who is also known as the Mellow Mumma.

Since 2017 Georgie has trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP, and IEMT practitioner.

Now the mum-of-two offers hypnobirthing by request, but her main focus is the defrazzled sessions one aimed at mums and one for teenagers, and birth trauma healing sessions.
“I get mums coming to me saying they are really angry and they don’t know why,” reveals Georgie.
“I am usually a last resort as they need to change something and have tried counselling and it hasn’t worked.
“I ask them what their birth was like and they say rubbish, start to cry and it all comes out. After the three hour session they feel like a weight has been lifted.”

Before they see Georgie, she talks to the person over the phone where they are able to get any negativity out so that when they come for a session the focus is on positivity and change.

Georgie runs group and one-to-one session and she says people don’t tend to attend more than three two hour sessions on their own.
“We use eye movement therapy which rattles through PSD in minutes it is a really quick and effective therapy.”

The defrazzled teen course is a recent edition to the Mellow Mumma programme.

As a teacher Georgie says she wanted to work more with the kids but couldn’t do it in the setting of the school as their teacher.
“I loved teaching but I wanted to move into a more holistic approach,” says Georgie.

After only a few sessions Georgie has already seen amazing results.
“I had one teen who had a severe phobia of flying so much so the day before her family were due to go away to the Caribbean she refused to fly, but after only a few sessions with me it has totally changed her way of thinking and her mum thanked me saying that she is talking about them all going away. It is amazing.
“The defrazzled courses are about changing your mind set.

Sessions are held in Bolney at Breathing Space.
“It is in a beautiful Victorian building where the other rooms are offices,” reveals Georgie.
“I stumbled across it really. I didn’t think I needed a space but I had done sessions in church halls and it wasn’t right for me and the people I was working with.
“Because of my art and design background the surroundings are really important to me and I feel I have created a beautiful space here.”

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