Burgess Hill dental practice becomes dementia friendly

Gateway Dental
Gateway Dental

Gateway Dental have become a ‘Dementia Friend’, and are the first dental practice in Burgess Hill to do so.

Anyone can become a Dementia Friend by watching a short online video or attending an information session to better understand and help dementia sufferers.

Gateway Dental said: “We have always been dementia aware and treated all patients in this position with the required understanding, dignity and respect.”

The practice help patients by booking longer appointments and recommending that they are accompanied.

Emma Bould, Alzheimer’s Society programme partnership project manager, said: “We all have a part to play in making sure that the 2,100 people living with dementia in Mid Sussex are able to do so well for as long as possible.

“Dementia is a progressive condition, with no new drugs to cure, prevent or even slow it down, meaning everyday tasks such as remembering to brush your teeth regularly, managing dental appointments or communicating dental pain can become a real struggle.

“Therefore it is imperative that people affected by dementia have access to supportive oral healthcare and are understood when they visit their local dentist.”

Dementia Friends hope to work with the practice in the community in the future.

A spokesman for Dementia Friends said: “Hopefully, this will send out the message to everyone who comes through the door the importance of understanding better and assisting people with dementia, and in doing so allow them to carry the message out in the community.