The number of people who have been vaccinated so far at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath

More than 2,200 patients have been vaccinated so far at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath, the NHS has said this week.

Wednesday, 13th January 2021, 9:50 am

The Perrymount Road site went live on December 28, vaccinating patients aged over 80.

GP Federation Alliance for Better Care (ABC) has been working with Primary Care Networks in the area to deliver the vaccination programme.

On hand to support the team are volunteers from the Patient Participation Groups who work together as a Locality Group to share local information of benefit to patients.

Clair Hall in Haywards Heath. Picture: Steve Robards

ABC Chief Executive Katherine Saunders told the Middy: “We vaccinated a large cohort of 1,100 patients by the end of the first week.

“Alongside our numerous partners and a great team of volunteers, we’ve rolled out a vaccination programme in a matter of days. 

“The layout of the site is ideal for an efficient and steady flow of patients and helped us to create a safe and effective environment to administer vaccinations. This is excellent news for the Mid Sussex community.”

Readers contacted the Middy this week to say they were concerned about what appears to be a ‘lack of activity’ at Clair Hall.

From left: Katherine Saunders, CEO of Alliance for Better Care, Dr Katie Spensley, site clinical lead and Dr Katie Archibald at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath

In response, the NHS said sites are only operational when they have vaccines available.

A spokesman said: “It is not a constant ongoing supply of vaccine at the moment, sites order or are sent batches, they work through this and then pause until they get more deliveries.

“Most sites are using the Pfizer vaccine at the moment, so the teams will get a delivery and then have to use it in the three days – when the vaccine has to be used by. Then they will pause and await further stock.”