Hilgay care home doing all they can to make it a happy home from home

Hilgay Care Home in Burgess Hill. Photo by Steve Robards
Hilgay Care Home in Burgess Hill. Photo by Steve Robards

I write in response to the article by Jennifer Logan in the Mid Sussex Times on Thursday April 18 - Care home ‘has made several improvements’.

Regarding your recent article concerning Hilgay Care Home in Burgess Hill, I wish to make a comment as a resident.

I have lived here for the past 12 months and have received nothing but kindness and care - indeed the staff go out of their way to accommodate the wishes and desires of the residents. Friends and family who visit go so far as to say the atmosphere is ‘home from home’.

Yes, there have been problems but the staff are doing everything they can to fall in line with the requests of The Care Quality Commission. I am pleased that at the meetings with residents’ family and friends the Care Home management is open and honest about the issues they have been asked to address and are convincing in their determination to achieve the required outcomes.

I am perplexed by the article’s suggestion there are “signs that would indicate that people are being abused.” Nothing I have observed and nothing said to me by any resident would appear to support that. I think it sad and most concerning that anyone reading the article would immediately get the impression that there is a real problem with abuse at Hilgay. I think it most unfortunate that the home’s reputation has been tarnished in this way. Statements like this remain long in people’s memory.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hilgay Care Home to anyone.

Renée Halsey

Hilgay Care Home, Burgess Hill

Editor’s note - The article referred to above was based on the content of a report by the Care Quality Commission, including the reference to abuse.