Overworked and underfunded health service - how can the Tories claim to be the upholders of the NHS?

In response to Pru Moore’s letter ‘Everyone should support our NHS’ in last week’s Middy - while I am delighted that Pru Moore had such prompt and effective treatment at the PRH in Haywards Heath recently, surely she should ask herself why these places are ‘overworked and underfunded’?

Saturday, 9th November 2019, 12:45 pm

Exactly which party has been in government for the best part of the past decade to cause this situation?

I ask that she spare a thought for the 4.5m people on the waiting list for routine operations.

Such delays often make people’s health conditions worse, trapping them at home and reducing their mobility and costing more for their treatment in the long run. And what about the 20,000 nurses we are short of? NHS bursaries for nurses were abolished in 2017 and what young person would run up a £40,000 debt by going to university to study nursing, only to be saddled with that debt for decades, on a meagre salary? To portray the Tory party as the upholder of the NHS is a bit rich.

Deanna Nicholson

Mid Sussex Green Party PPC

Haywards Heath