Surgery! If only it was so simple

Perhaps a little light relief from recent heavyweight political issues.

Friday, 24th January 2020, 5:01 pm
Picture by Pixabay

In relation to the heading above, here is a nice little piece of recent dialogue between my daughter and eldest grandchild, Alice (age seven), at which I was present.

My daughter, now a schoolteacher, was recounting all the many short term holiday jobs she undertook as a schoolgirl and university student, to help fund her studies and travels.

They included supermarket checkout operative, pharmacy assistant, fast food outlet and call centre employment, office assistant, and several others.

Finally, she said that, at one point, she was employed on a part-time basis in one of the wards in the Princess Royal Hospital.

My granddaughter responded: “What did you”

So much for the ten to 12 years’ training required in the UK!

Think of the millions of pounds that could be saved by the NHS...a letter is on the way to Mims Davies as I write.

Nicholas Flindall


Haywards Heath