Nostalgia: A little bit of cheating in the 1988 wheelbarrow race

Some things are just not done.

You don’t criticise some one’s driving unless they have run you over, you don’t tell your girlfriend her bum does look big in that – and you don’t cheat in wheelbarrow races.



A group of Haywards Heath mums had clearly forgotten the final rule when they joined the fun at the Dolphin Fair in 1988.

These pictures were published in the Mid Sussex Times and show some of people who took part in the procession.

The floats were led through the town by Miss Dolphin – better known as Susan McColl – who was accompanied by her attendants Hannah Batten and Mandy Morris in an open-top car.

With the Lindfield Girls and Boys Brigade Band providing the music, a good time was had by all – none anticipating the horrendous display of cheating which was to follow.

Picture the scene, three women from the National Childbirth Trust – complete with fake baby bumps – lined up at the starting line, each ready to push a doctor in a wheelchair around the arena.

Alongside them were teams, including one from ATS Communications, in Haywards Heath, all ready to battle for the £25 prize.

Surely a good, clean race would follow.

Or perhaps the ‘pregnant mums’ would bump and barge their way to victory?

Well, they tried. But cheats never prosper and the ATS team won the prize, promptly donating it to Children In Need to prove what good sports they were.

Do you recognise anyone from these pictures? Were you one of the wheelbarrow racers?