Pupils build invaluable skills on ‘Shaping My World’ initiative

Pupil learning skills
Pupil learning skills

Ardingly College Prep and Pre-Prep pupils have taken part in a pioneering new life skills programme.

The ‘Shaping My World’ initiative saw youngsters embrace activities over a six day programme designed to build invaluable skills for life.

These activities included creating a three course meal, sewing, conversation skills, financial budgeting, community work, creating an App, and even learning to clean their own shoes or do the laundry.

Year Eight pupils even had the chance to navigate across London using the Underground on an old-fashioned scavenger hunt.

Harry Hastings, Ardingly Prep headmaster, spearheaded the programme.

He was delighted with the pupils’ and staff approach and success, and said: “These characteristics are the foundation of any pupil preparing for the world outside of school and at Ardingly Prep we want to make sure these characteristics are firmly rooted in our pupils going forward.”

“I am so proud of all our pupils at Ardingly Prep who immersed themselves with such enthusiasm.”

The whole programme is built around pupils embracing and showing evidence of the 4 US’s- AdventuroUS, CurioUS, IngenioUS and GeneroUS; the idea being that everyone is in it together, hence ‘us’.

The initiative will become commonplace as part of the timetable in September as every child will have a weekly ‘Shaping My World’ lesson.