Academy status for Lindfield schools


Governors at two primary schools in Lindfield have voted in favour of adopting academy trust status.

Blackthorns Community Primary School and Lindfield Primary School will become academies sponsored by the University of Brighton Academies Trust.

The changes will mean the schools become independent of West Sussex County Council and sponsors will develop the way the schools are run. Both schools held a consultation with parents.

In a letter to parents, Marianne Brand, headteacher at Blackthorns said: “We are pleased to let you know that the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and very much in favour of the proposal.

“In particular, it was felt by the vast majority of respondents that partnering with the University of Brighton in the way we have proposed offers increased stability and support for the school, development opportunities for our staff and enhanced learning opportunities for our children.

“Our view is very much that this is a positive move for all concerned.”

In November, Mrs Brand said the school had ‘limited’ resources, and the trust would be able to improve educational outcomes.

Blackthorns governing body voted unanimously in favour of the plans, with a target date of April 1.

Marcus Still, acting headteacher at Lindfield Primary School also confirmed governors had voted in support of the proposals.

Mike Brand and Karen Crockford, who co-chair the governing body at Lindfield Primary School said the trust would provide the ‘most exciting and beneficial opportunity to provide the best educational experience’ for pupils.

A spokeswoman for the University of Brighton Academy Trust said: “I can confirm that the academy consultation period at Blackthorns Community Primary and Lindfield Primary has now ended; in both cases, the governing bodies of the schools have resolved for their schools to become academies as part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust later this year.”

In November last year, the trust confirmed that the schools would remain as two separate schools if the change to academy status went ahead.