Acorns Nursery Easter Education

Easter egg hunt fun
Easter egg hunt fun

Children from the Acorns Nursery and Forest School visited St Martin’s Church at Westmeston near Ditchling, within the Beacon Parish to hear the Easter story.

They were joined on the walk by Tessa, one of the Church Wardens and were greeted at the church by Father David and Gary the Beacon Parish youth worker.

The children sat spellbound as they listened to the story unfold and gazed at the handmade model of the Garden of Gethsemane with lego figures for the people.

They learnt that the shape of the boulder outside the tomb was oval like the shape of an Easter egg.

The children took part in an Easter Egg Hunt around the churchyard, excitedly running round looking to see how many empty eggs they could find.

They were told that the eggs had hatched and that the tiny fluffy chicks were keeping warm in the church.

Back in the church, the children worked hard, searching high and low to find all the chicks.

When they had successfully found them all, they were each given two chocolate Easter eggs.

Before walking back to nursery, all the children were thrilled to try their hand at bell ringing too, pulling hard on the ropes and making a wonderfully happy sound.

“It was truly a day to remember and a lovely time was had by all,” said Mrs Butcher who runs the nursery at Westmeston.