Actor scores hat trick in World Cup stardom

Tom Hatton
Tom Hatton

An actor from Wivelsfield Green has scored a hat trick with his new roles in adverts which are being played between World Cup matches.

Tom Hatton, 34, will feature in three major international adverts during the 2014 FIFA World Cup for Budweiser, Head and Shoulders, and Febreze.

Tom, who grew up in the small village of Wivelsfield Green, will be the face of Budweiser, the voice of Head and Shoulders (featuring Lionel Messi) and appear in a funny, slightly revealing, undercover locker room reality ad for Febreze.

Tom attended Chailey School, then Haywards Heath College and he played for Linfield FC in the Sussex Premier Division.

He is a self-confessed football fanatic so he said shooting the beer ad suited him perfectly as it simply involved him watching football in a bar.

He said: “I shot a print commercial for Budweiser and as usual there were several lead actors on set including myself.

“We basically watched World Cup highlights all day in a New York bar and they filmed us.

“As football is my first love it was easy to get into character!

“When the commercial was recently released, it looked like I was the main guy - a face for the campaign.

“I’ve heard it said, when you do what you love, the rest follows - this is certainly true here.”

The other two commercials are set to be released very shortly and in one Tom stars alongside Lionel Andrés Messi, an Argentine footballer for FC Barcelona.

Tom said: “I hope [the adverts] confirm my growing status as a leading name to work with in the US Industry.”

Tom, who moved to America in 2006 to fulfil his Hollywood dreams, has been working as a professional actor since he graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, in New York, in 2008.

He booked his first gig in a billboard campaign, then went on to get global attention working as an entertainment host for Sony and Sky TV.

Since then he has featured in adverts for Microsoft, Dentyne, Barclays and IBM.

He has also worked internationally as a producer and host for Sky TV and hosted the Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter YouTube channel. He has even appeared in the award winning film ‘Red Tulips’.