Albourne Pre School commemorates 40 years

Fiona Steinke with her family
Fiona Steinke with her family

Albourne Pre School has recently celebrated its 40th birthday with a Forest School party.

On July 17, parents and families were invited to enjoy an array of different activities.

The children showed them how to mix potions, make dens, make sticky pictures, explore the secret paths, make mud puddles and even got to toast marshmallows - then cake, 40th biscuits and music time.

With such a long history there are many local families who have seen both the children and now grandchildren enjoying their time at pre school.

Grandparent Fiona Steinke said: “I remember walking my own children over to pre school and now I do the same with my grandchildren.”

“They have all thoroughly enjoyed their time there and have made their first friends.”

Jenny Walker, one of the mums from the pre school, said: “as a family we are so lucky to have so many treasured memories of Albourne Pre - School.

“My mum used to take my brother and I there 37 years ago, and then I was back as a mummy taking both my girls. We are blessed to have such a wonderful pre school in our area and it enabled such a smooth and happy move to school.”

Giles Welsh, a dad of a child that attends the pre school, said: “My son loves coming and then tells us everything he has done with a big smile on his face.”