Anger over felling of mature trees in Burgess Hill

Residents have been left angry by the felling of mature trees in Burgess Hill.

Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 11:19 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 11:20 am
Two of the felled trees in Church Walk, Burgess Hill

The four trees in Church Walk, which residents claim were ‘healthy’, have been cut down because of the ‘damage they were doing’, West Sussex County Council has said.

Resident Anne Eves described the decision as ‘disgraceful’ and added: “Four healthy, mature trees have been felled in the middle of town. Upon enquiry I have been told it was because they were a trip hazard.

“They will not be replaced for years and then only in pots. It is disgraceful`– we should be planting more trees, not felling them! In a heat wave, we need shade.

The other two felled trees in Church Walk, Burgess Hill

“If they can’t plant them so that they don’t push up paving stones, well change the planting method!

“Give them a bigger unpaved area to expand, so they get more water and grow even bigger and don’t disrupt our little paving stones. Trees are not the problem – trees are the answer!”

The area manager for the county council said: “West Sussex County Council came to the difficult decision to remove the mature trees in Church Walk, Burgess Hill, because of the damage they were doing, and would continue to do, to the walking surface.

“There will be a number of development opportunities in the coming years to provide similar trees in large pots as used elsewhere in the county, without the risk to pedestrians.”

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