Artist opens gallery in The Orchards

Artist and designer Joanna Angelett has brought her creative skills to The Orchards shopping centre in Haywards Heath after receiving words of support from the Queen.

Joanna, who moved from Australia in March, produces a wide range of art including jewellery, paintings, sculptures and music.

In June, Joanna became a member of the British Jewellers' Association and the Gemmological Association of the UK and began preparations for the opening of the Angelett Gallery in The Orchards.

Joanna began producing art at a young age. She said: "As a child I made small sculptures and from the age of 11 I have been painting.

"My grandmother was an artist and it is in my genetic make-up!"

Joanna's work has been published internationally, displayed in an international design exhibition and included in an international design catalogue.

Joanna successfully worked as an artist designer in Australia and in America. During work on the 'Tree of Life Project' in the USA in 2002, she opened a design gallery in Los Angeles, and received a letter from the Queen with words of support towards the project.

The Angelett Gallery's grand opening takes place today (Thursday).