Autistic Lindfield residents left in awe after visit from feathered friends

A group of autistic Lindfield residents were joined by some winged friends to ‘make a difference to their day’.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 5:06 pm
Five different owls were brought along to entertain the residents

Hollyrood, a residential support service for people on the autism spectrum in Lindfield, invited Owls Out and About to showcase their beautiful birds to service users.

Five different owls were brought along to entertain the residents, all of which are hand reared and are used to being held and stroked, which the service users were able to hold.

The Newhaven organisation is not a business or a bird centre. It is a group of private owl owners who take their birds to a number of events to help increase public awareness of these beautiful birds while raising money for good causes.

Service users were delighted and in awe of the magical creatures as they learnt all about their new friends.

Rachel Priestly, service manager at Hollyrood said: “I am so pleased that staff and service users are able to enjoy this treat, it makes a real difference to their day if they are able to do something out of the ordinary and this is definitely not ordinary.

Rachel explained how the visit has given everyone a chance to come together, learn and enjoy the wonderful experience.

“Not many of us are able to be this up close and personal to these beautiful animals,” she added.

Fundraising manager Hayley Wicker-Bradbury expressed her gratitude that the visit was only possible due to donations from the public.

Fundraising manager Hayley Wicker-Bradbury said: “Public support gives The Disabilities Trust the ability to make activities like this a regular option rather then a one off.

“We would like to thank everyone who makes a contribution”.