Burgess Hill Academy celebrates an amazing year

'Let it go' project
'Let it go' project

Another academic year has come to an end.

The Burgess Hill Academy have had a ‘fantastic term’.

Students faced the challenges presented to them they have excelled.

Back in November a group of students were tasked with transforming a wasteland area within the academy site.

The area behind T Block was chosen and work started on a cold afternoon in mid-November.

Students were given just two hours a week to build and grow plants in the garden.

A group of five, year nine students visited the Sparkle Café at St John’s, for people who suffer from dementia, on July 9.

The academy students performed a varied programme, including xylophone solos of hits like “FBI” and “Wipeout” by Bethany, who had only been playing the instrument for five weeks. There were keyboard and guitar solos as well as solo and duet singing performances.

This month the students have preformed and perfected the drama departments production of the ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ “The performance was excellent, said cllr Bruce Forbes.