Burgess Hill Academy prepare new arrivals

Gill Pawley leader of Inkpots
Gill Pawley leader of Inkpots

Students have put together information for year six pupils about the transition to secondary school.

Burgess Hill Academy’s current year seven students took time out of their lunchtime to produce a leaflet for the new year seven pupils who will start in the upcoming academic year.

The group of students that produced the leaflet

The group of students that produced the leaflet

The lunchtime club, ‘Inkpots’ is led by Gill Pawley. Gill is a publications editor by training and spent many years immersed in the world of book production.

Since starting Inkpots, over five years ago, Gill has run hundreds of workshops and helped create the strong community the pupils have.

The finished publication was shared with local primary school students this summer and has been welcomed by students, parents and schools alike.

Gill Pawley said: “During their first year at the Burgess Hill Academy, the students in our group grew in confidence and kept a note of the things that helped them to adapt from primary to secondary school.

“Mr Francies (principal at Burgess Hill Academy)encouraged them to put a leaflet together during one of his regular visits to our meetings and we’re really proud of the resulting material.”

Within the leaflet the students have produced there is information on the day to day life of the school, as well as very helpful advise on preparing to start the new school year. Pupils address the most common situations the year seven students may worry about the most, such as detentions and homework as well as queries such as learning how to tie a tie.

Mr Francies said: “I have been so fortunate as principal that Inkpots wanted to come and build on the excellent work they have done in Primaries, at my academy.

“The students produce amazing work in a really supportive environment. I am doubly fortunate that the girls have produced a well written and invaluable guide for year 6 about to make the transition to year 7. Excellent work.”