Burgess Hill father skydives for Oscars Wish Foundation after losing baby

From left: Gemma Kybert, Oliver, Owen and Lauryn with their cheque
From left: Gemma Kybert, Oliver, Owen and Lauryn with their cheque

A Burgess Hill father completed a skydive to pay tribute to his lost baby and raise money for bereavement charity.

Owen Bryant, along with his brother, Oliver completed the skydive to raise monies for the Oscar’s Wish Foundation, after Owen and his girlfriend’s baby died on their due date.

Oliver and Owen Bryant getting ready for their skydive

Oliver and Owen Bryant getting ready for their skydive

The pair raised £4,301 to give back to the charity that played such a big part in their lives, with the help of Owen’s work colleagues at Michelmersh Freshfield Lane Brickworks, who raise £2,010 of the overall total.

Lauryn Poole was 40 weeks into her pregnancy when she noticed her baby had not been as active as normal.

After trying all the tricks she could think off, she decided to go to the Princess Royal Hospital for a general check up.

Once at the hospital, she was put on a monitor and told that her baby had no heartbeat and had passed away.

Lauryn said: “Devastated and heartbroken is definitely an understatement.

“We called friends and family and received lots of support while doctors proceeded with blood tests and other tests regarding my health and possible causes for Beau’s death.”

After receiving the news, Lauryn was taken into a separate room away from the delivery suit, that she didn’t knew existed.

The Willow Room is where bereaved parents are left to grieve and be looked after during their stay in the hospital.

The room had been refurbished the year before by the Oscar’s Wish Foundation.

They had modernised the room and decorated it accordingly, with a feature wall with stars to honour all the babies who had died in the hospital.

Lauryn said: “This room made our whole experience so much easier, more comfortable. Without it our stay would have been very different and probably quite distressing.”

The charity continued to support Lauryn and Owen through their bereavement once they left the hospital.

Gemma Kybert, the charity’s founder, sent the couple bereavement packs, which included lots of sentimental gifts.

Those that only someone who has gone through the same pain would have thought about.

Each pack personalised with their baby’s name, including a teddy bear from the charity’s ‘love a bear’ programme in order to comfort bereaved parents.

Lauryn said: “It’s definitely something I believe needs more awareness.

“And that’s why Owen and his brother Oli did the skydive, in honour of Beau, Oscar and all the other angels babies that are up in heaven, and for those that are due to arrive there.”