Burgess Hill scouts in Japan to learn respect for other cultures

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Scouts from Burgess Hill and Hassocks represented the UK at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

Tom Maxfield and Adam Scott joined 34 other Scouts in a unique opportunity to visit the Peace Park at Hiroshima - where the first atomic bomb was dropped 70 years ago.

They took part in a moving visit to the Peace Park in the Centre of Hiroshima to experience the solemn and reflective atmosphere created in the Peace Park.

Tom Maxfield said: “This has been a very moving experience. As young people we have a duty to make sure that things like this must never happened gain.

“A good way of making that a reality is to learn to respect and understand others cultures, religions and customs.

“When you have lived and worked together for two weeks and shared food and drink it’s really helps understand where people are coming from.

“That’s why this jamboree is such an important experience.

“Before coming to the Jamboree, we spent two days in Tokyo. It was nothing like what I expected.

“When you think of Tokyo, you imagine a big city with lots of noise and lights. Actually, it’s really peaceful and the people are so polite and friendly”

The e Unit from West Sussex then visited the homes of other Scouts across Japan before returning to the UK.