Burgess Hill vets help complete lucky’s escape


An aptly named dog had a lucky escape after it was hit by a car.

The black and white Springer Spaniel named Lucky decided to chase a cat across the road and was clipped by a car.

The pet was immediately rushed to Cootes Veterinary Clinic in Burgess Hill by its owners.

After getting over his shock, Lucky truly lived up to his name as his only wound was a large area of skin missing from his wrist.

The vets found it too large and bruised to stitch, as they were concerned it break down, so they decided the best first response was to clean and dress the wound.

Lucky came back to Cootes for bandage changes and re-assessments every other day and the injuries healed very quickly.

Once his wound had a very thin layer of new skin, a new dressing was put on which has quicker healing properties and just a few weeks later it was completely healed.

With wound care, it can be difficult to find the right protocol for the individual patient, but the Cootes team saved Lucky from needing skin surgery.

If you have any concerns about your pet, call Cootes on 01444 242434.